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PI™ is Based on Appreciative Inquiry 

Appreciative Inquiry is a methodology used for organizational development, positive change, and transformation. It is based on the premise that focusing on positive experiences and strengths, rather than on problems and weaknesses, leads to more effective and sustainable change.

The process of Appreciative Inquiry involves asking questions to identify the positive aspects of an organization or system and exploring ways to enhance those aspects. It encourages individuals and groups to appreciate what is working well and to envision a desired future state that builds on those strengths.

The approach typically involves a four-stage process: discovery, dream, design, and delivery. During the discovery stage, individuals and groups share stories and experiences about when the organization was at its best. During the dream stage, participants envision a future state that builds on those positive experiences. During the design stage, individuals and groups identify concrete actions to bring the envisioned future state into reality. Finally, during the delivery stage, participants implement and sustain the changes that have been identified.

Appreciative Inquiry can be used in a variety of contexts, including organizational change, leadership development, team building, and community development. It is often used as an alternative to traditional problem-solving approaches, which can focus on what is wrong rather than what is right.

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