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We consult with owners and leaders to use PI frameworks that enhance the condition of business/organization culture and climate.

We aim to help businesses, organizations, and community leaders realize organizational transformation by enhancing systems, practices, and processes that improve individual and team performance and support higher production achievement. 

PI coaching and support resources seamlessly layer over existing systems to transform operations internally. 

We work consultatively with owners and leadership to support their vision and mission.  It is our goal to enhance what is already right, change what is changeable in order to make improvements, and pursue what is possible to plan for and/or create what is needed but does not yet exist.  

PI courses and trainings are designed to support the discovery, development, and deployment of business acumen.

PI training and coaching facilitate the teaching and implementation of Promise Informed practices. The following simple yet foundational practices scale up to create a transformational learning experience with indelible impact:   
1. See what is right
2. Change what is changeable

3. Pursue what is possible  
PI training and coaching is a bonaf
ide investment in the human capital of any businessperson or business/organization. 

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Kathy Lewis
National Thought Leader
Lead Trainer, and Pro Coach

Kathy Lewis has successfully forged transformative change in businesses and organizations over the last 20 years.  Kathy is a visionary leader and the conceptual director of training and development for The Promise Group.  As the PI National Thought Leader, she is highly sought-after as a speaker and executive coach.  Along with Kathy, The Promise Group is ready to help put your business, organization, and/or personal career path on a track to achieve greater success by enhancing business acumen, organizational culture and climate, elevate services and supports, and meet and exceed performance and production goals. 

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