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Kathy Lewis
National Thought Leader
Lead Trainer, and Pro Coach

Kathy Lewis is a behavioral specialist and life coach who has successfully forged transformative change in schools and     businesses over the last 20 years.  Kathy is a visionary leader and the conceptual director of training and development for The Promise Informed Institute.  As the institute National Thought Leader, she is highly sought-after as a    speaker and teacher with a unique ability to deliver the transformative content of Promise Informed.  

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The Top 50 Women Leaders of South Carolina for 2022

Posted On : July 4, 2022 Published By : Women We Admire

Kathy Lewis
National Thought Leader, Trainer, and Coach for The Promise Informed Institue 

Received award while consulting as Director of Strategic Impact for Berenyi Incorporated, LLC 

". . . in addition to her consultative role with Berenyi Incorporated, Lewis is the CEO of The Promise Group Consulting and the Founder and Leader of Why Not Charleston. . . [at Berenyi she] provides a range of consultation services to executive leaders and senior management on the development and implementation of key strategies and training for creating and sustaining a high performing organization.  She works collaboratively at organization and division levels to ensure continuous improvement of performance. Lewis also creates and implements staff development programs that support the organization’s succession planning objectives and foster a highly effective management and leadership structure . . ." 


"Mrs. Kathy Lewis has a unique ability to quickly translate observation and conversation into a deep understanding that accurately reflects the personal vision and goals that represent the people with whom she engages.  In her role as a coach, Mrs. Lewis is able to use this knowledge and seamlessly integrate PI thinking and practices to co-author a plan that will effectively communicate her client’s vision to stakeholders and design and implement action steps which have one destination…the realization of that vision.  This process is what she was able to do for me as a public charter school leader."

Mrs. Mache Larkin of Charleston, SC

40 Year Career Educator and Award-Winning Principal

Elementary, Middle, High School, Private, Public, and Charter School Administrator

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