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PROMISE Informed™ Professionals

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PROMISE Informed™ 

This professional coaching model equips individuals to keep the promise of excellent service by enhancing performance and production outcomes.  PI Professionals lead and create business cultures conducive to appreciative thinking, best practice, and high level achievement.  This  condition of culture is called Promise Informed and elevates opportunities for business owners, leaders, managers, independent agents, and employees to experience a higher level of performance and success. By learning and implementing the P.E.A.K. Pro Practices for Success (see below) it is possible to create cultural norms within businesses or teams that ensure an enhanced experience and optimal outcome for the service provider and the customer or client.  Promise Informed Pros lead by example, with vision that is driven by what is right, changeable, and possible.  The mindset of a PI Pro is established by how they see things, receive information, think through situations, consider focus, and apply daily professional practices.  Promise Informed Pros are able to fortify and strengthen existing programs, offerings, culture, climate, curriculum, and optimize outcomes for themselves, their team, their employees, their company, and also the valued customers and clients to whom they provide services and support. 

PROMISE Informed™ systems and practices applied to daily business activities enhance professional performance and production outcomes. PI guides how to see what is right, change what is changeable, and pursue new and greater possibilities.  PI professional training, courses, coaching, and tools are applicable to all types of business models, service industries, organizations, and schools. 

The P.E.A.K.™ PRO Practices for Success

P.E.A.K™ PRO Practices for Success:





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The PROMISE Informed™ Institute

The New Innovation is Your Mindset

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