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How Yoga, Meditation, & Journaling Connect to the PEAK Promise Standards

By Dr. Teresa Turner July 14, 2019

How Adopting these Three Habits will Change your Life

Yoga, meditation and journaling have been an integral part of my life for quite a while. They have shown me how to put things into perspective while keeping a positive viewpoint on life. These habits help me to successfully balance my work life with my home life. I hope they can do the same for you.

Habit #1 - Yoga fuels my soul. To me, yoga is a lesson on living. It’s not just about the poses and stretches you do while on the mat (although that is part of it), but it’s really about what happens off the mat once you’ve rolled up your mat and head out into the world. As you stretch, reach and bend you expand more fully in the world, you give yourself permission to live more fully, more unapologetically, and more fiercely. You see yourself as bigger than life; stronger and braver than you had imagined. When you leave the mat, you continue the work of giving yourself space and permission to notice what’s good, changeable, and possible in your life. You see, more clearly,  the possibilities of life and begin to create a legacy of promise, change and hope. 

For some yoga inspiration, head over to our Promise Informed Teacher Pinterest site. 

Habit #2 - Mediation gives space for my thoughts to breath and my mind/body to relax. When I meditate, I listen more intently to my heart. I let my thoughts pass through my mind without taking time to judge them at all.  While meditating I notice my heart rate slowing, my muscles become less tense, and anxiety/stress wash away. Yoga classes often includes time for meditation. This powerhouse combo “gives me life” and makes my world sweeter and simpler. 

Habit #3 - I’ve always kept a journal. As a kid, it was a faux leather pink diary with a shiny gold lock and key. My journals have grown up but I still love bright colors or elaborate graphics on the cover.  Today, I start my mornings by journaling. It really gets my creative juices flowing. The Morning Pages (take a look at this video to get started: is an amazing technique for journaling (even if it’s not in the morning). You should try it.

Some suggested Morning Pages materials are listed below. However, use what YOU love, it will make writing easier and more enjoyable.

Connection to the P.E.A.K. Promise Standard:

Positive Self-Management

These three habits fold effortlessly into the Promise Informed P.E.A.K. Promise Standard Positive Self-Management. Positive Self Management is a collection of positive intentional actions related to daily routines, systems, and time. When you incorporate positive practices into your day, you will find that your life is more enriching and your outlook more optimistic.   Tried any of these practices?

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Dr. Teresa Turner has been leading and coaching teachers throughout her educational career through a variety of school offerings including magnet programs. She currently serves as Project Director of Magnet School Grants for Richland One in Columbia, South Carolina. She offers her experience as a Promise Informed contributor to further support teachers in an effort to ensure achievement for all in education as a chief architect of Promise Informed Teachers.

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