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Are You a Visionary?

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

By Melanie Jager June 3, 2019

Dreaming is the first step to being a visionary. As an educator, it is your dream - your vision - to see every child's potential realized. Being a visionary requires a particular way of thinking - one that is not natural for everyone. Regardless of your ability to have vision - being visionary is paramount to ensuring the promise of student achievment. Therefore, educators must learn to have vision - they must learn to be visionary.


Are you are school leader, a principal, a teacher? Do you have vision? Do you know how to be visionary? The Visionary Process is a custom framework that will guide you though an appreciative thinking model to build vision and visionary practices. This Promise Informed practice keeps the promise of achievement.


A vision begins with a dream. To have vision you must first allow yourself to dream big for your school, your students, and your teachers. Open your heart and your mind and be bold and unapologetic when you dream for your students and teachers.

The confidence you have in your dream will form believable possibilities in your mind. Belief breeds motivation as when you believe something is possible you will intrinsically be motivated by the possibilities.

Motivation propels the action necessary to make change. It is change that yields progress in one way or another. You must expect that conditions will progress in the ways you intended according to your dream. Intended progress ensures the goals of the vision - in this case - realized potential and a promise kept.

The Visionary Process by Promise Informed Schools

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