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The Superpowers of the Promise Informed

By Mrs. Mache Larkin August 26, 2019

We humans love superheroes. They exist among us in many forms…from Mighty Mouse, to Superman, to Elasti-Girl, to Wonder Woman, just to mention a few. They all have one basic element in common—saving us earthlings from negative forces by using special powers that they possess and all the while standing on the side of all that is good, honest, and noble.

These powers include x-ray vision, phenomenal strength, supersonic speed, and enhanced senses. These warriors of honorable intentions require no thanks, expect no rewards, and gain only in the gratification of knowing they have fulfilled their purpose. Maybe that is the most super part of all!!!


There is something mystical and mythical about these superheroes that creates a presence of faith that allows us to believe no matter what the odds, they will not only never let us down, but will always arrive just in the nick of time. That is quite a destiny to live up to, however generation after generation we see evidence of these roles re-enacted and re-created in movies, books, and many other media sources.

We have a need to believe that good can defeat evil, that perseverance can overcome adversity, that courage can conquer bullies, and yes, the promise of an appreciative mindset can eliminate complacency, mediocrity and can especially challenge the status quo.


What about that last one, you say…”the promise of an Appreciative Mindset can eliminate complacency, mediocrity and challenge the status quo”? You don’t remember any superheroes fighting such villains, you say, but yes they do. Everyday in our schools all across our Nation, superheroes called “Principals”, “School Leaders”, “Lead Teachers”, etc., have embraced the Promise Informed Framework to fight these battles to rescue our students from the clutches of average and commonplace and take their potential to somewhere wonderful.


In order to be successful in this endeavor, the Superheroes of our profession must call on their superpowers. These include the ability to SEE what is right, CHANGE what is changeable, and PURSUE all that is possible. These three superpowers must work in concert and chronologically.

SEEING WHAT IS RIGHT - First seeing what is right is better than x-ray vision. First seeing what is right allows us to appropriately celebrate and embrace the foundation upon which we build a dream.

CHANGING WHAT IS CHANGEABLE - Changing what is changeable is more powerful that enhanced senses. Changing only what is changeable focuses our energy on those areas where enhancement is feasible.

PURSUING WHAT IS POSSIBLE - Pursuing all the possibilities is better than supersonic speed. Pursuing all the possibilities opens the mind, heart, and vision to the pace of our imaginations.

These powers are super, indeed, and unlike the elite group of Superheroes heralded at the beginning of this piece, we can all be Superheroes, equipped with the superpowers of the Promised Informed.


There is a great quote from the “Steel Magnolias” movie that exemplifies the spirit of the Promise Informed, where Julia Roberts says to Sally Fields, “'I would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.” What if we could create a lifetime of wonderful…at least from 8:00- 3:00 when teachers and students are teaching and learning?

By adopting a superhero vision that chases a dream where the cultural norm is an appreciative mindset…a positive disposition that considers first seeing what is right, changing that which is changeable, and pursuing all that is possible, it can be done.

All in the nick of time!


Mrs. Mache Larkin has been an educator for four decades serving primarily as a Principal of Public, Private, and Charter Elementary, Middle, and High Schools making her one of South Carolina's most experienced and celebrated school administrators. She enjoys spending time with her husband and family including seven grandchildren. She offers her expertise to Promise Informed Schools as the Strategic Counsel to the organization.

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