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Keeping the Promise of Achievement for All!

Promise Informed Schools


Promise Informed™ Schools forms consultative partnerships with school districts to optimize teacher performance and student achievement.

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PI Enhances Existing Systems
PI Schools custom frameworks and systems seamlessly lay over existing systems which enhance the efforts of school leaders, faculty and staff in their daily aim to ensure high performance outcomes.  By applying PI systems and practices, participating principals can establish and maintain conditions within the school that are conducive to enhanced performance and achievement results.  

PI Assembles School Employees into Teams of Value-Added Collaborators
The program guides new learning and related applications that implement routines and systems based on researched best practices that help schools set and meet their desired goals.   PI Schools assemble teams of those working within the school to work together as solution driven collaborators.  They build protections around risks that optimize instructional opportunities, implement appreciative language and communication practices that elevate the school climate and culture experience, and prioritize around a focus that addresses teacher wellness which is a direct measure of student success. 

PI Works Consultatively with School Principals Who Lead with Vision
PI trainers and coaches work consultatively in partnership with the school principal to co-author plans that establish benchmarks and goals based on the mission and vision of the school.  The principal strategically assembles their faculty and staff to be a like-minded collective trained and guided by the PI systems and practices to work on behalf of meeting the set benchmarks and goals and further keep the promise of achievement for all. 

"If you will change the way you see things, the things you see will change."

~The PROMISE Informed™ Institute ~

Promise Informed™ Principals

This professional coaching model equips school Principals to keep the promise of acheivement for all.  They lead and create a school culture conducive to appreciative thinking and practices.  This condition of school culture is called Promise Informed and elevates opportunities for teachers and students to experience a higher level of performance and success. By learning and implementing the PEAK Standards, Principals can create cultural norms within their school that ensure an enhanced experience.  They lead as an example, with vision that is driven by what is right, changeable, and possible.  The growth mindset of  Promise Informed is established by the Principal who guides the layering of Promise Informed frameworks and systems for support.  Promise Informed Principals are able to fortify and strengthen existing programs, offerings, culture, climate, and curriculum to yield greater success outcomes for their students, teachers, and school community.     

Promise Informed™ Schools Frameworks

PI Schools Explained

P.E.A.K. Promise Standards Explained

B.L.U.E Team Model Explained

Promise Informed™ Schools Program Initiatives

The First 60 Minutes™

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Mission Possible & 

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Mission Deconstruction™

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The PROMISE Informed™ Institute

The New Innovation is Your Mindset

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